Declaration 2022 of the Casa Llotja

A commitment to mediation

Mediation, as a dispute resolution system, is as of today, an efficient and appropriate mechanism to promote commercial relations in our business environment. Mediation allows to resolve conflicts between the parties through agreements. This is a new understanding of justice given that, unlike other systems, mediation allows all parties win.

This new scenario means moving from confrontation to dialogue and from dialogue to cooperation. It is of great value in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and well-being. It also allows to abandon the dichotomy of winners and losers and opens up a new space towards the continuity of business relationships, a mechanism, therefore, appropriate for the new social and economic dynamics.

For this reason, the Consolat de Mar presents this Declaration and invites companies, and economic and social agents to join and support alternative conflict resolution systems.

Declaration 2022 Casa Llotja