The Council of Twenty is the Consulate of the Sea’s decision-making body, as set forth in article 3 of its regulations, composed of the President of the Chamber and twenty consuls:

  • Nineteen consuls appointed by the Chamber’s Plenary Session, on the motion of the Executive Committee, all individuals of acknowledged repute in the Chamber’s industrial, commercial and service fields, ensuring that it represents the broadest possible range of business sectors.
  • A twentieth consul who shall be the President of the Cereals Exchange, given its close historical ties of cooperation with the Consulate of the Sea

The term of office of the consuls is four years and they can be re-elected.

The council is chaired by the President of the Chamber of Commerce or, by his/her delegation, by the Senior Consul, chosen from among the members of the Council of Twenty.

The position of Secretary of the Consulate of the Sea is held by the General Secretary of the Chamber.

The Council is chaired by the President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

  • José Luis Esteban Mur (President of the Cereals Market)
  • Víctor Blanc Marfà
  • Maria Dolors Callis Prat
  • Josep Maria Coronas Guinart
  • Ignasi Costas Ruiz del Portal
  • Raimon Domènech Suñer
  • Pilar Fernández Bozal
  • Isabel Galobardes Mendoza
  • Emma Gumbert Jordan
  • Vicenç Hernández Reche
  • Sofia Lluch Saunier
  • Jesús Lozano Gil
  • Ramón Nadal Riera
  • Pascual Ortuño Muñoz
  • Elisabeth Parés i Albors
  • Isabel Pérez Espinosa
  • Genís Roca Verard
  • Miquel Trias Sagnier
  • David Vilà Bajona
  • Oriol Valentí Vidal
  • Aureli Casabona Bel (Honorary Consul)
  • Àngel Garcia Fontanet (Honorary Consul)


Xavier Coronas Guinart.

The Select Committee has delegated during the interim between meetings of the Council of Twenty, the latter’s functions in the administration of arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution systems. The members are:

  • José Luís Esteban Mur
  • Isabel Galobardes Mendoza
  • Emma Gumbert Jordán
  • Isabel Pérez Espinosa
  • Oriol Valentí Vidal