The Barcelona Consulate of the Sea is the Conflict Resolution Centre of the Barcelona Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation. It is the tool that is available to entrepreneurs and business owners in order to help them resolve their conflicts and disagreements, in Spain or abroad without having to resort to judicial proceedings.

It is a secular institution that was formed in the Middle Ages during the reign of Peter III, the Ceremonious. Its mission, as representative of business interests, led to it successfully defend and govern our merchants’ business activities, helping them overcome the disputes that are inherent to business activity. In short, it contributed to creating a favourable environment for the economic and social progress of Catalonia.

The Consulate of the Sea’s current competencies derive from the Chambers of Commerce’s functions legally stipulated both in Spain and in Catalonia. In particular, Article 11, paragraph n) of the Catalan Government Act 14/2002, of 27 June, concerning the Official Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Navigation and the General Council of Chambers establishes that the Chambers have the following functions, among others,

« Performing business arbitration, mediation and conciliation functions, in Spain and abroad, and using any other alternative system for settling disputes, in accordance with current law »

It also has a recognised advisory power through the issuance of rulings and expert opinions.