The Consulate of the Sea appoints the new consuls of the Council of Twenty on the occasion of the Saint Marc Day

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On May 14, 2024, the Consulate of the Sea of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce celebrated the day of Saint Marc, patron Saint of the Consulate, in a day that brought together representatives of the Chambers of Commerce areas, business sectors, political and judicial areas of Barcelona and Catalonia. Within the framework of the Saint Marc Day, the institution appointed the members who will be part of the Council of Twenty.

The Consulate of the Sea acts through the Council of Twenty, chaired by the president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and made up of 20 consuls: 19 members appointed by the Plenary Session of the Chamber at the proposal of the Executive Committee, all of them people of recognized prestige in the industrial, commercial and service fields of the cameral demarcation; and a twentieth consul who is the president of the Grain Exchange, given the historical cooperation of this entity with the Consulate of the Sea.

The consuls of the Council of Twenty are: Víctor Blanc, Maria Dolors Callis, José María Coronas, Ignasi Costas, Raimon Doménech, José Luis Esteban, Pilar Fernández, Isabel Galobardes, Emma Gumbert, Vicente Hernández, Sofía Lluch, Jesús Lozano, Ramón Nadal, Pascual Ortuño, Elisabeth Parés, Genís Roca, Miquel Trias, Oriol Valentí and David Vilà. The new members of the Council of Twenty start a new phase for the Consulate of the Sea marked by sectoral transversality and collaborative values as well as a firm commitment to promoting mediation as a conflict resolution system and a way to promote sustainable justice.

The members of the Council of Twenty stated their commitment towards mediation and arbitration as appropriate mechanisms for conflict resolution, as well as the role of the Consulate of the Sea as a reference institution in this field. The event was attended by the acting Minister of Justice of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Gemma Ubasart, and the judge of the Provincial Court of Barcelona and president of the European Group of Magistrates for Mediation in Spain (GEMME) Carme Guil, who gave the main presentation of the day with the title “Do we continue to trust in divine justice or do we opt for a more human justice?” Among those attending the event was also Judge Yolanda San Pastor, Head of the Mediation Section of the General Council of the Judiciary, and the General Director of Law, Legal Entities and Mediation of the Department of Justice of the Generalitat, Imma Barral.


The Draft Bill on measures regarding the efficiency of the public justice service has been approved

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On March 12, 2024, the Council of Ministers approved the Draft Bill on measures regarding the efficiency of the public justice service and collective actions for the protection and defense of the rights and interests of consumers and users.

Within this preliminary draft, measures relating to alternative means of dispute resolution (ADRs) are incorporated for procedural efficiency.

The draft regulates these systems and their application in out-of-court proceedings involving civil and commercial matters. Negotiation between the parties is thus enhanced through instruments such as mediation, private conciliation, confidential binding offers and independent experts’ opinion, all in order to find agreed solutions to their disputes.

The practice of these systems is rather common and successful in other countries, and it is considered that these might help to prevent litigation and ease courts and tribunals’ overload.

The president of Barcelona Chamber of Commerce formally announces the full assumption of his position as also Chairman of the Consolat de Mar

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Dr. Josep Santacreu, on the occasion of the General Assembly of the Chamber, held on January 31, 2024, formally communicated his decision to take full charge of the functions as Chairman of the Consolat de Mar.

Thus, the president of the Chamber explained before the supreme governing and representative body of the Chamber that his intention is to completely take office as the highest authority of the Consolat, which, as specified, he acquired automatically upon his investiture as president of the Chamber in the course of the Assembly meeting held on October 9, 2023.

Until then, it was Mr. Jordi Domingo Garcia-Milà who had held the position of First Consul of the Council of Twenty of the Consolat, by delegation of the former president of the Chamber. In the aforementioned meeting of the Assembly of January 31st, he was duly thanked for the services rendered.

Consequently, now it is the president of the Chamber who fully exercises the functions of Chairman of the Consolat, him having declined the option of delegating functions in any of the Council of Twenty’s members as a First Consul.

Last but not least, in the aforementioned Assembly of the Chamber, a new appointment of a Consul was decided. It is a person of high reputation as a business woman expert in labour mediation. It is Ms. Emma Gumbert Jordan, one of the 12 Directors of the Chamber Board


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From June 15 to October 22, 2023, the exhibition “From the Gothic to the Metavers” will be held at the Barcelona Maritime Museum, which proposes a journey through history to learn about the origins of the Consolat de Mar, its contribution to law and the history and future perspective in the field of dispute resolution.

This exhibition combines different channels and supports to communicate the history of Consolat de Mar from its beginnings to its future projection. Real objects and the most relevant books that record the history of this institution are presented, audiovisual elements in which highly prestigious professionals explain the historical and legal elements of the Consolat de Mar, especially its contribution to mediation, and immersive elements where glasses are placed at the service of the visitor and transported through virtual reality to a 14th century cake, which sailed in the middle of the sea.

The exhibition is supported by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council, the Barcelona Provincial Council, Barcelona Turisme, and the Barcelona Grain Market.

The Consolat de Mar celebrates the 750 years of history

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On October 24th 2022, it took place in Tortosa (Tarragona) the opening ceremony for the 3/4 de Mil·lenni – Consolat de Mar Memorial of the 750 years of history of this institution.

This celebration was held at Felip Pedrell Theater and several authorities attended the event, as well as Ms. Meritxell Roigé, mayor of Tortosa; Mr. Jordi Domingo, first consul at Consolat de Mar, and Ms. Mònica Roca, president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.