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23rd February 2024

The president of Barcelona Chamber of Commerce formally announces the full assumption of his position as also Chairman of the Consolat de Mar

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Dr. Josep Santacreu, on the occasion of the General Assembly of the Chamber, held on January 31, 2024, formally communicated his decision to take full charge of the functions as Chairman of the Consolat de Mar.

Thus, the president of the Chamber explained before the supreme governing and representative body of the Chamber that his intention is to completely take office as the highest authority of the Consolat, which, as specified, he acquired automatically upon his investiture as president of the Chamber in the course of the Assembly meeting held on October 9, 2023.

Until then, it was Mr. Jordi Domingo Garcia-Milà who had held the position of First Consul of the Council of Twenty of the Consolat, by delegation of the former president of the Chamber. In the aforementioned meeting of the Assembly of January 31st, he was duly thanked for the services rendered.

Consequently, now it is the president of the Chamber who fully exercises the functions of Chairman of the Consolat, him having declined the option of delegating functions in any of the Council of Twenty’s members as a First Consul.

Last but not least, in the aforementioned Assembly of the Chamber, a new appointment of a Consul was decided. It is a person of high reputation as a business woman expert in labour mediation. It is Ms. Emma Gumbert Jordan, one of the 12 Directors of the Chamber Board