In the exceptional situation brought about by COVID-19 in which people’s freedom of movement has been restricted, the Chamber has decided to provide a specific mediation service regarding dispute situations that may arise in the leasing of business premises, both commercial and services (trade, hospitality,…) as well as industrial, in those cases where there is a situation in which lessees are having difficulty meeting the payment of the financial obligations set forth in the contract; with the aim of reaching an agreement that is beneficial to both parties, which allows the business activity to be maintained.

The applicable fees are those set out in the Business Mediation Regulations, although in this case, the mediation shall be free and the parties shall only have to pay €45 each, by way of administration fee.

IN EXCEPTIONAL CASES this service is provided under these conditions thanks to the financial contribution from the Chamber in order to cover the fees of the mediators and to the commitment of these professionals to put themselves forward and who have accepted the reduction of their schedules in order to help resolve the current situation.

In any case, this amount may be subject to modification by the Select Committee.

This service shall be provided in this way in accordance with the decision taken by the Select Committee and quotation availability.