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What is Consensual Dispute Resolution?

It is a system that encompasses all dispute resolution procedures other than judicial and arbitration proceedings, such as mediation.

Responsible institution

The Consulate of the Sea is the body that administers the proceedings and ensures compliance with material and formal procedures, while respecting the principles that inspire the system.

Basis and characteristics of the system

Using these proceedings depends solely on the will of the parties.

They are characterised by being of a voluntary nature, confidential, flexible, cost-effective and quick.

It is not necessary to have previously agreed to use it.

Who can use it?

All individual and corporate business people who are involved in a disagreement, conflict, or dispute with another individual or company and do not want to or are not interested in initiating or continuing a judicial or arbitration proceeding; and that require an optimal, cost-effective, quick, agreed, and confidential solution to the problem.

Who is involved in Consensual Dispute Resolution?

Companies or individual business people, natural and legal persons, who are in a situation of conflict with each other, arising from relationships of an economic, business or professional nature.

The neutral third party is an expert in mediation and in the subject matter of the dispute. Facilitates communication between the parties. Does not decide the solution or issue any kind of resolution. His/her role is to help the parties reach an agreement.

The neutral third party is independent, objective and impartial. They are people who, due to their experience, negotiation skills and professional training, help individual business people and companies, to resolve conflicts without imposing a solution.

What matters can be resolved using this system?

All disputes, claims and disagreements between business people, the hearing of which is not reserved exclusively to the courts, and which can be resolved through negotiations, such as quantity claims, contracts, customer relations, suppliers, partners, etc.


The parties may freely agree on the procedure and may adapt it to their needs, without prejudice to legal and regulatory guarantees.

It is a quick and cost effective procedure, with a maximum duration of 60 days, unless the parties agree otherwise.

Geographical scope of use of the system

Consensual dispute resolution procedures can be used for national and international disputes.



It may be conducted at law or in equity
and is resolved by experts in the field.


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confidential solution.