Presentation of the 3/4 Millennium Celebration of the Consolat de Mar of Barcelona

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This 2022 the Consolat de Mar commemorates its 750 years of history. From this fall to fall 2023, the institution will celebrate with all honors the 750th anniversary of the Consolats de Mar. The anniversary will pay tribute to the social value and the representation and contribution that this institution bought to our country and to the world during these seven and a half centuries. During this period it will be introduced the institution’s present activity, its future role, and how it is increasingly interconnecting in the world.

For this reason, a wide range of activities will be developed under the ¾ Millennium brand with the following objectives:

• Positioning the Consolat de Mar within the current collective thought of Catalan, Balearic and Valencian society, as a living institution that has shared its present and future history.

• Promoting the collective pride that means to have created an institution with seven and a half centuries of history with values, contributions and fundamental contributions to the western world.

• Promoting relations between several Catalan-speaking territories, which also had a Consolat de Mar.

• Establishing and promoting international relations throughout Europe and the world, based on cooperation and cultural diplomacy.

• Opening and promoting several Consolats de Mar —Llotges—at home and abroad that shall spread and explain the current role of the Consulate of the Sea.

• Raise awareness amongst companies about the values and advantages of mediation and arbitration as an alternative conflict resolution systems, opening a way for these tools to regain the weight they had had throughout the Mediterranean and in the world.

The first of these actions took place on July 13, 2022 in Tortosa, origin of the Book of Customs of Tortosa, which this year turns 750 years old and where the first uses and customs of the sea were compiled. The Book  later became a source of inspiration and the true cradle of international maritime law. In Tortosa took place the preparations for the celebration of these three quarters of a millennium of history of the Consolat de Mar.