Compendium.cat, the new key portal for the Catalan legal language, kicks-off

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A total of 18 Catalan and Andorran institutions and entities, led by the Council of Catalan Lawyers, with the collaboration of the Departments of Justice and Culture, promote the creation of this new website;

Among others, it will allow the consultation of documents such as legal, registry, arbitration, notarial and solicitor forms, as well as clauses for referral to mediation.     


A tool for everyone 

The portal is oriented to help legal professionals (lawyers, solicitors, notaries, registrars, social graduates, judges), language professionals (correctors, translators, legal language teachers) and administrative staff, public or private, to draft legal and administrative documents. It also tends to help students of legal language or law students, university professors, researchers in the fields of linguistics and terminology, as well as anyone interested in this language. As Ms. Ciuró stated “in the defense of the Catalan we must be everyone”, and referring to the Department she heads, she said that “the Administration supports all those entities that make tools such as the Compendium possible”.

More information at -> www.compendium.cat